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HI, I’m Nick the owner of Black Mark Web Design. I use a goals and objectives oriented approach to my website design process. I create visually appealing and strategically focused web sites. Learn more about “my website design process”. 

Your presence online is essential to your company’s success and brand. For large businesses or small and everything in between, I provide affordable web design, SEO and copy writing services.

What makes a good website

Ease of use, sound SEO, speed, good copy writing and content.

These elements all work in harmony. If done properly it leads to a fast loading, high ranking website. With a great user experience.

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Our Services

Website Design

Custom Website Design your website is like an employee that never sleeps. A key Asset to your business growth If you build it they will come may work in the movies. On the internet it takes a well thought out strategy. Deploying proper SEO techniques, conversion optimization and market research.


E-commerce Done right a better e-commerce website for your customers Seamless Shopping experience from product to check out Making it easier for shopper to buy your products is must. Today you have to reach your customers on their phone, tablets and laptops.

Seo Services

SEO Black Mark style A comprehensive SEO strategy equals higher Serp SEo done right is the best DRIVER of organic traffic Seo, we have all heard it. But what exactly is SEO. Search Engine Optimization, simple way to think of it is how your website is found on the internet.

Our Latest Projects just received their new website. We have some challenges they now offer a state of the art drain repair technique. John M the owner wants to be top ranking for trenchless pipe repair. Back in the day John signed up on several contractor websites. Creating several profiles not displaying the same messages. 

These contractor websites have pushed his website down to page 2 of the SERP. No mans land. So, the actions I have taken so far is to reach out to each contractors websites and asked to have his profile removed. 

We just started a local SEO campaign with Google my business. We are reaching out to past customers and current customers to for reviews to boost social trust and show authority via his customers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more to come for AA drain medic.  

Is up and running for the last couple of months. I have them set up with an online menu and ordering system. They now do curbside deliveries. How great is this, Aurora Coffee is using the latest tech and everyone gets to benefit from it.

I encourage you to visit and see just how intuitive and easy it to use. 

We have a lead capture system in place. however we have some work to do as far as training the management on how to utilize it properly and effectively. We just need sometime and given the current state of 3-2020 it not happening any time soon. The corona virus is making havoc every where. So, we will sit and wait it out. 

On Going Projects

Social Media Updates

Working On New HubSpot Academy Certifications (never stop learning)

WordPress Security Updates

Find the latest updates for WordPress here. 

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