Black Mark Digital Solutions Black Mark Digital Solutions

I design and develop fast beautiful websites
here in Kansas City.

I focus on simplistic responsive design and SEO-friendly coding.

Designing and developing fast beautiful websites
right here in Kansas City.

Focusing on simplistic responsive design and SEO-friendly coding is what I do.



Hello, I'm Nick Collins freelance website designer and developer.

Website Design and Development

I design and develop beautiful, responsive, and high-performing websites. I use great tools such as WordPress, W3.CSS, Wix, and many more to accomplish your online goals. I focus on simple design principles and SEO-friendly coding. With over 5 years of website design and development, I can help you at any stage in your website's life cycle. Are you starting a new website or thinking of a redesign? Learn about my methodology and how it can fuel your growth.


My passion is making sure a balance is struck between user experience, responsive design, and SEO. I love to listen to your ideas and turn them into beautiful designs. Conveying your message is what I do in code.


What if I solved that one problem that's been nagging at you? Finding solutions to the many challenges you face is what I bring to the table. Keeping me in your corner brings the ability and means to GTRSD (get the right stuff done). Working with me is a package deal. I am knowledgeable, analytical, a problem solver, easy-going, and not afraid to talk to people.

My Skills.

Web dev is what I do and when I flex my chops to make it happen W3.CSS is my code of choice.
WordPress is next to best it's easy to customize, scale and will work for anything you need.
SEO-friendly code matters; Google loves an optimized website. Users also benefit from a well-organized and easy-to-use website. Google loves that, as well.





SEO Friendly Code


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Our Favorite Websites

Hope House of Ottawa

Christian Care Center meeting the ongoing crisis and emergency needs of people in Franklin County
through Christ-centered giving and caring. I used W3CSS frameworks to build this beautiful website.
This website is fast! Load time is less than half a second.

  Visit Their Live Website

 Visit Their Live Website

Hope house of ottawa ks
AA drain medic

AA Drain Medic

I built this website using WIX.
The website is fast and easy to navigate.
This website has helped to increase his monthly income.
The website offers a through explanation of services and plenty of testimonials.

  Visit Their Live Website

 Visit Their Live Website

Aurora Coffee

The best local coffee shop in Wellsville.
I built this website with Wordpress.
I expect growth so we planned for growth.
The beautiful fonts and big pictures paint a wonderful picture of the products.
The website is responsive and looks equally great on all devices.

  Visit Their Live Website

 Visit Their Live Website

aurora coffee
Meinekek car care of kansas city

Meineke Car Care Of Kansas City

I built this website using WordPress.
Meineke Car Care Of Kansa City was created for internal communications
and centralized employee resources.
The website offers secure employee pages with slick navigation.

  Visit Their Live Website

 Visit Their Live Website


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