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Why higher a professional web designer?

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Why higher a professional web designer? This post will be quick and to the point.  I recently started working on a website for a small business. I had approached this business last year to help design their website. She was not interested in my services at the time she was in the process of making a website. I said okay, fast forward to a year. I revisited the website and it was terrible. The owner new it was terrible and admitted she was having an in house employee do the website.Clearly the person had no clue as to what they were doing.

My Case

As a website designer my main objective is to increase business through websites. The owner had no marketing system or strategy in place. I sat down with her, explained to her what a lead capture system was how it’s going to increase her foot traffic effectively increasing sales.

As I started the deep dive into what was going on with her domain name and hosting. I found out that she was using a really terrible hosting company and she had no idea who her domain was registered through. 

Luckily, they are all expiring in a month so basically we’re going to start over fresh. We will have everything in one spot nice, neat and simple, you make one payment you’re done. 

The hosting I will be using is through great company been around for years. I have zero problems with them, and their basic hosting package can handle WordPress. Which is CMS (content management system) we’re going to use for this particular website.

It does not have to be complicated

To bring this round full-circle it’s important to hire a professional web designer. To ensure it’s done right the first time and reduce your stress over all. We understand that you’re trying to run a business. Once understand the needs and goals of your business. We can design the website to work for those needs. 

Yes, it’s going to cost some money up front. However, the return on your investment should be higher than what you paid out of packet. Especially if the strategy if focused on obtaining your specific goals and user experiences. 

Hiring a web designer can be kind of a pain in the ass.

I encourage you to talk to two or three web designers about your project and pick the one that fits not just your budget but your personality. You will be working with this web designer on a constant basis. Meetings, updates, questions they will have tons of questions. If you can’t stand to talk to the person that you hired the do your website, it’s just not going to work out. 

Key take away.

 Call a couple web designers get a few quotes. Get to know their personality we’re people and we all have different attitudes and work flows. Last but not least, hire a professional web designer so gets done correctly the first time. Therefore saving your time and money. I promise it’s cheaper to have us start fresh then go being someone to clean up a mess.


Are you thinking of starting a website? It’s not uncommon to want to tackle this on your own. My advise, hire a professional, this may sound bias (probably). Why hire a professional web designer? Simple, there is no replacement for experience. Designing a website is a process relying on research, strategy and testing. Learn more about “my website design process.” 

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